Generator & Backup

A commercial generator is installed outside your business, much like an air conditioning unit, and comes on as soon as the main electricity goes out – whether you’re there or not.

Generators that provide backup electricity are critical because they keep your lights and heating/air conditioning up and running while also protecting your revenue stream: your inventory, your information database, your manufacturing process – all the things that make your business your business.

Losing power should be the least of your worries, and luckily, it can be – White Lightning has the expertise to make sure a power outage doesn’t stop you in your tracks.

Our generator & backup services include:*

  • installing backup generators
  • automatic transfer of power
  • uninterruptable power supply systems
  • battery racks
  • power conditioners

When shopping for a generator, your checklist should include size, cost, permits, and installation. But don’t worry – we can help with all that. Contact us for more information about getting a backup generator and make the fear of power outages a thing of the past.


With a booming agricultural scene in Portland, including several award-winning farms, we at White Lightning are dedicated to the advancement of agriculture.

Our services are often engaged by greenhouses, crop services companies, farm labor and management companies, and other companies that offer landscape and horticultural services.

We offer:*

  • wiring for greenhouses
  • installation of irrigation systems
  • field lighting
  • hydroponics services
  • temperature and humidity controls
  • water purification


Telecommunications is a broad term that includes a range of information transmitting technologies, including telephones (both “landlines” and cellphones), radio and television broadcasting, the internet and even telegraphs.

At White Lightning, we operate or provide access to facilities for voice, data, text, sound, and video transmission through wired, wireless, or satellite networks.

That includes:*

  • installing standard phone equipment
  • configuring data networks
  • run low voltage for phone data and video surveillance

We also deal with outside satellite companies, phone companies, and internet service providers as necessary. Most importantly, our services comply with the regulatory requirements of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The best electrical solutions for your business.

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